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Adhesive / Sealants

Adhesive sealants have formulations that provide both bonding and sealing. Additionally, compounds are created for indoors and outdoor use and for a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, gelcoat, rubber, plastic fiberglass and other substrates. Manufacturers support many market segments; in particular: industrial, manufacturing, marine, transportation and automotive. Formulations cover a wide range of situation use. These include UV resistance, low VOC's, non-shrinking, non-sagging, non-cracking, use at lower temperatures, fast curing and paintability. Adhesive sealants are frequently found packaged in 10 oz cartridges, tubes, sausage packs as well as drums and are supplied in a variety of colors. Chemical base for adhesive sealants include acrylic, latex, nitrile, polyurethane, silicone and urethane. Based on the formulation and chemical base, these products do vary in shear and tensile strengths. Choose from trusted brands such as 3M, Dap, Loctite and Momentive.

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