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BMP™21 Printer Kit with Multifunctional Accessory

BMP™21 Printer Kit with Multifunctional Accessory

The BMP™21 Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeler for voice/data comm, electrical and general industrial crews. With label materials designed specifically for harsh environments, the BMP™21 portable printer can quickly and easily create clear, legible labels that stay stuck for years - despite extreme temperatures and curved or highly textured surfaces.

This BMP™21 Printer Kit includes a BMP™21 Portable Label Printer and a multifunctional accessory that allows you to operate the labeler with one hand, leaving the other hand free. The multifunctional accessory gives you convenient options for carrying and operating the label maker, and features a built-in flashlight for creating labels in dark spaces.


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    Manufacturer ID: BMP21-KIT-114305
    RSHughes ID:662820-92200

    This item price is $159.71/KT.

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R.S.Hughes Description

BRADY BMP21-KIT-114305


BRADY BMP™21 Printer Kit with Multifunctional Accessory BRADY BMP21-KIT-114305 662820-92200 BMP21-KIT-114305 662820922001