Purchasing Management

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What is Purchasing Management?

A way to approve, and pay for, orders submitted to you from other accounts, which you have previously selected for Purchasing Management.


To save time and resources spent managing industrial supply purchases, to reduce the paperwork involved, and to allow you to track purchases by account or by item, over time, and all via the Web.

Key Benefits . . .

Quickly Approve or Reject Orders
Approve or reject an order with two clicks.

Email Notifications
Pending orders are forwarded in an email to make it easy to approve or reject them.

Edit Orders
Edit orders before approving them.  Add and remove items, change quantities, etc.

Spending Thresholds
Set individual automatic approval spending thresholds, for each account.

See what orders are pending approval, or were approved / rejected.

Detailed Reports
View purchases, for a selected period, by account, or by item.

How It Works

Once you activate your account's Purchasing Management capability, you can then add other accounts to your Purchasing Management program.  These other accounts can be thought of as Requisitioner accounts, and can be new or existing R.S. Hughes accounts.

When you add Requisitioner accounts to your Purchasing Management, orders placed by those accounts, where your 'On Account' payment method is selected, will be forwarded to you for approval and payment.  If needed, the order can be edited (add and remove items, change quantities, etc.) before it is approved.

Each account can have an Order and Monthly Budget spending threshold.  If an order totals less than the Order and Monthly Budget threshold, it is automatically approved.  For an account with $0 thresholds, all orders submitted to you by that account, must be specifically approved by you.  Pending orders are emailed to you, with links that let you approve / edit / reject the order via your PM overview page.

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