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Motor Free Speed (RPM)
Sound Level dB(A)
Vibration Tool Peak Axis ISO8662 (m/sec²)

.4 hp Right Angle Die Grinders

  • Connect to central vacuum system.
  • Rapid material removal with source capture.
  • .4 hp (298W) Vacuum Die Grinders are utilized for rapid material removal, precise finishing, polishing, demurring, and removal of parting lines and flash.
  • For use on non-metallic materials, such as fiberglass and composites.
  • Each model includes urethane Vacuum Shroud for efficient capture of dust, debris and contaminants such as Hexavalent Chromium.
  • Also includes Vacuum Sleeve, which can be easily trimmed to accommodate the length of the accessory. Sleeve can be trimmed horizontally or vertically, and is also removable.

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