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Air Filtration & Regulators

Air filtration systems eliminate moisture, dirt, oil vapor, and other contaminants in spray guns. Installed directly inline, disposable filters provide an effective, cost-efficient solution to spraying defects. Compressed layers within the filter trap unwanted particles. Spray gun filters are designed to absorb particles as small as 0.01 microns to maintain optimal flow rate. A clean, dry air supply is especially important in high pressure low volume (HVLP) guns that run on compressed shop air. The reduction in spraying defects boosts overall application productivity.

Air regulators monitor and control the air supply to ensure consistent spray gun operation. When installed on the air supply line, regulators provide accurate measurements within the designated air pressure range. Lightweight, portable air regulators are designed for comfortable use on a wide variety of spray guns. Battery-powered regulators feature a digital display for clear, accurate readings. Air regulators are also used to measure supply lines on other equipment.

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