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Dynafile Tools

  • World-famous Dynafile® replaces tedious hand filing and sanding. Grind, debar, blend, polish, finish and more!
  • Grind from contact wheel or pattern pad. Finish and polish using slack of belt.
  • For use on metal, plastic, fiberglass, composites, rubber, glass and stone.
  • Tool includes 11218 Contact Arm for standard use. Also accepts a variety of additional Contact Arms.
  • Motor easily adjusts to the most comfortable throttle lever position.
  • Superior belt tracking permits use of 1/8", 1/4" or 1/2" wide x 24" long abrasive belts.
  • Work in areas as small as 3/8" diameter.
  • Lightweight composite belt guard allows quick and easy belt change!
  • Hand and soft platen pads mount onto Contact Arms for heavy grinding or contour polishing.

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