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Faceshields, Headgear & Accessories

Face shield and headgear sets protect workers from chemical splash, impact and flying debris and objects. Face shields cover the entire front and sides of a worker's face. They are made of polycarbonate, which is a strong, durable material. Face shields may be coated with an anti-fog coating or tinted to protect against UV light. Headgear holds the face shield in place. It has a foam cushion sweatband to make headgear more comfortable and help relieve any heat stress.

Face shield accessories include a broad range of replacement parts and protective headgear components. Face shield covers protect lenses from physical damage and permanent contaminant buildup. Mesh screen face shields allow ventilation while protecting the wearer. Flame-retardant face seals are ideal in high-temperature applications. Other face shield accessories include air deflectors, frame assemblies and replacement visors.

Face shield headgear protects workers from splashes, chips, splinters and flying materials. It comes in ratcheted, pinlock, cap-mounted and high-heat forms. Ratcheted headgear uses ratchet wheels to quickly adjust fit, while pinlock headgear uses a suspension system with a series of selectable pinholes to adjust fit. Cap-mounted headgear fits in the accessory slots of hard hats to hold face shields in place. High-heat headgear has an aluminum-infused, heat-reflective design that withstands high temperatures over an extended period of time.

Face shield windows protect workers from flying debris and chemical splashes. Full face shield windows cover the entire face to provide optimal protection in hazardous environments. Half face shield windows only protect the wearers' eyes, leaving the lower half of the face exposed. Both types of protective face shields are typically made of polycarbonate or cellulose acetate. Polycarbonate resists heat and impact and offers good visibility. Cellulose acetate resists more types of chemicals than polycarbonate.


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