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Facility Cleaning Solutions

A safe facility means a clean facility. Fewer pathogens on surfaces mean increased protection from harmful viruses, and cleaned spills mean fewer slips, trips, or falls. The current pandemic has shifted the conversation towards sanitation, and the CDC has encouraged facilities to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Cleaning staffs require the latest cleaning supplies and tools to ensure that facilities meet the CDC / OSHA standards for COVID-19 preparedness. Businesses looking to reopen will need to disinfect floors and surfaces regularly with the right products.

Maintaining a sanitary workplace is no small task. We provide cleaning products that are strong enough to clean, disinfect, and sanitize without damaging the surfaces. We make the complicated process of cleaning simple with hospital-grade disinfectants and 3-part electric mixing stations. Save time and keep workplaces safe with a selection of cleaners and dispensers chosen by experts.

Disinfecting the floors may help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. If a pathogen reaches the floor, it can migrate to other areas of the room via common items that touch the floor such as wheelchairs or handbags. Without regular maintenance, contagions can move from the floor to high-touch surfaces in an instant. In addition to helping mitigate the spread of harmful contagions, tacky mats and self-stick liquid protection fabrics protect surfaces from liquids, dust, dirt, and debris. You can provide a clean work environment with an easy, one-step application. Spills that otherwise wouldn't be visible on a noncovered surface can now be easily identified and cleaned.

Reopening a business during the push to stop the spread of coronavirus means cleaning and maintaining facilities with the best products. Our latest mops, wipes, and cleaning chemicals are designed to increase efficiency by reducing waste and saving time. Update your disinfecting equipment with our selection of sanitation products that have proven effective in a wide variety of industries.

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