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Facility Repurposing for COVID-19

As we now exceed over 100,000 fatal cases of COVID-19, public and private buildings are being retrofitted to provide space during the crisis. In areas where the economy has slowed, commercial units may be repurposed to accommodate a new business or public space. Populated areas such as New York and Boston began repurposing buildings in early April to extend medical infrastructure to COVID-19 patients. Publicly-funded spaces such as universities, convention centers, sports arenas, and parks are being retrofitted to accommodate patients.

The central reason to retrofit facilities for Coronavirus is that they cost $1.85 million less per bed than constructing new hospitals. Dormitories and nursing homes can be quickly repurposed for the COVID-19 response. The extent to which repurposing will be necessary moving forward is as uncertain as the future impact of COVID-19 on all businesses.

Reasons to retrofit buildings extend beyond increased hospitalized treatment. Economic forecasting suggests that now could be the right time to remodel or touch up properties. As certain commercial buildings remain empty of those now working from home, paint, electrical and plumbing projects don't require costly shutdowns. Below you will find essential masking tapes and construction materials.

Businesses adapting to social distancing will need floor marking and wall mounting tapes for crowd management. Reflective tapes and bright colored floor tapes increase safety awareness around hazardous areas. The products below will help with alternate care site conversion and repurposing. For instance, strapping tape bundles and secures boxes with reinforced, polypropylene yarn filaments. Dual lock tape helps to securely hang signage and display without using bulky mechanical fasteners.

Other products below, such as electrical tape connectors, enable safe and effective electrical maintenance. Add or replace a building water filter. Direct traffic with floor marking tapes. Building maintenance, facility repurposing, and retrofitting for alternate care is made easier with the right products.


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