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Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is an important part of the U.S. response to COVID-19. The FDA and CDC suggest washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds when hands are visibly soiled, after using the bathroom, or before eating. To use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, put the product on your hands and rub them together. Cover the entire surface of your hand until your skin feels dry.

Proper hand-washing is still the best way to reduce the spread of germs. Research indicates that washing hands with soap and water and drying with a paper towel reduces germs by 77%. Sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces such as bathroom faucets and doorknobs can further reduce the spread of germs. Using hands-free, smart-sensing soap and paper towel dispensers can improve overall hygiene by reducing the number of total surfaces touched.

Healthcare facilities have encountered shortages of hand sanitizer, and the CDC does not recommend any alternative to products with ethanol or isopropanol-based formulas. Proper dispensing of soap and hand sanitizer can help reduce waste and ensure that every person gets the appropriate amount of product. Healthcare facilities rely on dispensers to function every time healthcare personnel need to touch a patient or perform a test.

We offer liquid soap, foaming soap, and paper towel dispensers for commercial use. Our paper towel dispensers mount to either the wall or counter, and they are equipped with a touchless technology that offers one-at-a-time dispensing. Encourage hand hygiene with updated soap and paper towel dispensers.

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