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Welding Protective Gear

Welding and heat-resistant aprons protect workers from sparks, molten splash and heat during welding and other high-heat applications. They come in standard, split leg and waist styles. The standard style protects the torso and thighs, while the split leg style covers the torso and then wraps around the worker's legs for added protection. The waist style covers only the waist and offers more limited protection. Welding and heat-resistant aprons are typically made of leather, silicone, Kevlar or Thermonol.

Welding and heat-resistant cape sleeves and bibs protect workers from sparks, burns and high heat. Cape sleeves and bibs resemble a long-sleeved, collared shirt with snap buttons that allow the bib to detach from the cape sleeve. Cape sleeves and bibs are made of flame-retardant materials such as leather. They are ideal for heavy-duty welding applications.

Welding overalls and heat-resistant overalls protect workers from sparks, flames and high heat. Overalls are meant to be worn under heat-resistant jackets or coats. They protect the legs and provide a secondary layer of protection to the torso. Welding overalls and heat-resistant overalls are made out of Nomex, Indura or a fire-retardant polyester blend. They resist abrasion, punctures and some chemicals.

Welding and heat-resistant coats and jackets protect against sparks, high heat and some molten splash. They are typically made of heavy leather, flame retardant cotton or a nylon/ PVC (polyvinyl chloride) blend. Welding and heat-resistant coats and jackets provide a snug, but comfortable fit over flame-retardant work clothes. They often have front pockets to hold small accessories.


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