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Interlocking Flap Boxes

Cardboard file boxes are great to have around, but are not always easy to get into, or keep from getting dusty. The Interlocking flap storage boxes are ideal to remedy these problems. The flaps keep out the dust, and still allow you to get into the box with ease. These file boxes also sport a pre-printed panel so you can quickly identify what is in the box. Interlocking flap boxes are sold by the case. All interlocking flap boxes are in stock and ship in 1-3 business days. Order by the case, or hundreds of cases, NO MINIMUM ORDER on over 100,000 stock products at R.S. Hughes!

We carry a wide range of products including storage items for your packaging supplies, cleaners for your equipment and a variety of cutting, marking and labeling tools.

R.S. Hughes offers many types of file storage boxes for your shipping and storage room supplies.

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