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Ice Brix Biodegradable Packs

If you need to keep your shipment cool, but are concerned about the environment, Ice Brix has the solution for you. Introducing Ice-Brix Biodegradable Packs at R.S. Hughes! Ice Brix manufactures these cold packs with biodegradable polyethylene film, which degrades into water, biomass, and carbon dioxide. These gel refrigerates have an 18 month shelf life when stored correctly. Be assured that once the degradation process begins, it will continue even in the landfill. Ice-Brix biodegradable packs are sold by the case. Biodegradable cold packs are always in stock and ship in 1-3 business days. Order by the case, or hundreds of cases, NO MINIMUM ORDER on over 100,000 stock products at R.S. Hughes!

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