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Mini Grip Slider Grip Reclosable Poly Bags

Minigrip® Reclosable Lab Guard® UV Protection Bags are designed with a film that contains UV blocking light protection. These bags have a number of applications but are specifically designed to protect products or medications during testing, shipping and storage. Many of our customers say that these bags are ideal for electronics, computer parts medicine or film. Each bag complies with USP XXII and USP XXIII procedure 66.1 with light transmission not exceeding 10% at any wavelength from 290nm to 450nm. The Amber color of these bags aid in quick identification. Each bag displays their size within the bag.

We carry a wide range of products including storage items for your packaging supplies, cleaners for your equipment and a variety of cutting, marking and labeling tools.

R.S. Hughes offers many types of mini grip reclosable poly bags for your shipping and storage room supplies.

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