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Clay Desiccants Kraft Bags

We carry many styles of clay desiccants - kraft bags for all of your moisture management and shipping needs. Choose from the many styles that we carry for your industrial, retail and home applications. Ultimate moisture and corrosion protection for shipments. Use to protect products vulnerable to moisture damage during storage and transport. Ideal for protecting pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diagnostics, electronics and food. Bags are strong, durable and allow for extremely high adsorption rates.

Activated clay desiccant filling is a free flowing granular material with high moisture adsorbing ability from 20-80% relative humidity under normal packaging and storage conditions. Meets FDA specifications for direct contact with food and drugs.

We carry a wide range of products including storage items for your packaging supplies, cleaners for your equipment and a variety of labeling tools.

Desiccants options for you are endless.

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