Are Your Threaded Assemblies Ready For The Cold?
Changes in temperature loosen threaded assemblies, leading to unnecessary maintenance work.
Apply Loctite Threadlocker & Lock Them Tight
Choose the Right Threadlocker Solution (Color Coded By Strength)
Low Strength: Loctite 222 Threadlocker
Loctite 222 Threadlocker Get Now
Medium Strength (Wicking Grade): Loctite 290 Threadlocker
Loctite 290 Threadlocker Get Now
Medium Strength: Loctite 243 Threadlocker
Loctite 243 Threadlocker Get Now
High Strength (Strong): Loctite 263 Threadlocker
Loctite 263 Threadlocker Get Now
High Strength (Stronger): Loctite 277 Threadlocker
Loctite 277 Threadlocker Get Now
High Strength (Strongest): Loctite 272 Threadlocker
Loctite 272 Threadlocker Get Now
Apply Loctite Threadlockers to all your threaded assemblies and begin
reducing your maintenance cost today.
Trust The Orginal Creators of Threadlocker For Innovative, Reliable Solutions
Not sure which threadlocker is best for your threaded assemblies?
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