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Safety::BRADY::Vinyl Tape::Brady BMP21 Vinyl Tape (B-595)

Brady BMP21 Vinyl Tape (B-595)

Brady BMP21 Vinyl Tape (B-595)

Indoor/Outdoor vinyl tape. Adhere to "difficult" surfaces. Conforms well to irregular, curved rough or textured surfaces. 8-10 year average outdoor durability.


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    Manufacturer ID: 662820-96664
    RSHughes ID:662820-96664
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R.S.Hughes Description

BRADY M21 375 595 RD


BRADY Brady BMP21 Vinyl Tape (B-595) BRADY M21 375 595 RD 662820-96664 662820-96664 662820966647 662820-89987 662820_89987