Chemicals & Lubricants

Chemicals and lubricants protect, clean, ease movement, and facilitate control in a wide range of applications. Cleaning chemicals and degreasers like glass cleaners, metal cleaners, carpet and fabric cleaners ensure surfaces are sanitary in both commercial and industrial environments. Hand cleaners and bathroom cleaners keep workers and facilities clean and protect against odors and bacteria. Lubricants are used in a variety of industrial applications to reduce friction, aid in fabrication, and protect surfaces. Metalworking fluids are used in cutting, stamping, drawing, and grinding applications to improve machinability and ease cutting operations. Grease and oil helps to keep parts lubricated and protect against wear, with some variations suitable for high-heat and corrosive environments. They may be available in spray and aerosol forms for accessing hard-to-reach places and are used on a range of materials like aluminum, plastic and electronic components.

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