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R.S. Hughes FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who is R.S. Hughes?

We are a dynamic North American distributor of industrial and safety supplies. We specialize in SUPPLYING INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS TO OUR CUSTOMERS THE WAY THEY WANT TO GET THEM.

We are driven to add value. We believe in being customer focused where our customer comes first. We strive to enrich our relationships beyond simple transactions.

You can expect our relentless commitment to serve and we expect to be judged by our actions.

We represent and supply trusted brands/manufacturers/products that improve processes, keep people safe, and add value.

We deliver solutions, we'll be there when you need us.

What does the "R.S." in R.S. Hughes stand for?

R.S. Hughes was founded and named after Robert Saunders Hughes in 1954. Later, the name was abbreviated to R.S. Hughes for simplicity. We are still an employee owned business and carry the legacy and name of the company's founder to this day.

Where is R.S. Hughes located?

We are a North America based company. As of 2022, we have over 50 locations across the United States as well as a handful of locations in Mexico. To find a location near you, visit:

What does R.S. Hughes sell? Where does it source its products from?

R.S. Hughes is a proud distributor of Safety and Industrial products, sourced from a variety of manufacturers. We are proud to offer products from 3M, Loctite, Brady, Kimberly-Clark, H.B. Fuller and many more companies.

A full list of our suppliers can be found on our Brands Page

How can I review R.S. Hughes?

We care about your feedback. We gather and respond to our customers' reviews of their experience shopping and working with us.

To see our reviews visit our Trustpilot Profile at:

Does R.S. Hughes ship internationally?

Yes we do! We don't guarantee international shipping for all items, and shipping rates may vary, but we accommodate our international customers to the best of our ability on a case by case basis.

International shipping orders are handled by the R.S. Hughes Branch nearest to your location. For more details, contact your nearest branch.

Are all R.S. Hughes products available in both the U.S. and Mexico?

No, the R.S. Hughes U.S. website and Mexico websites vary in their product offerings. This is due to restrictions by manufacturers, import fees, and government regulations prohibiting the sale of certain items by region.

If you are unable to find a specific item on our website, check with your account representative or nearest branch to see if we can find a solution that fits your needs.

I'm a vendor and I'd like to update my product information and content on, how can I do that?

Product information is curated and maintained by the R.S. Hughes Marketing Operations Team. If you have any questions regarding product data, content and specifications feel free to contact us.

Questions About Orders and Shipping

How are lead times calculated for items displayed online?

Lead times listed for products on calculated from data relevant to past order to delivery times of the item being viewed. Simply, we evaluate the average lead time for an item over the past 12 months and display that to give users an approximate sense of when they can expect to receive their items.

Lead times displayed on our website are not guaranteed. We choose to display lead time estimates to help our customers make purchasing decisions that will affect their business. If you have questions or concerns about specific lead times for your business critical items, please contact your account representative or nearest R.S. Hughes location.

How do I return an order?

Customers wishing to return an order can do so by either shipping their order back to, or dropping off their order, at their R.S. Hughes branch. Customers MUST call (877-774-8443) or email their R.S. Hughes location and request authorization before a return can be accepted.

Certain materials and products cannot be returned, see page below for specific details regarding returns and refunds.

How can I check my order/shipment status?

Customers can view their online order history by logging in to their R.S. Hughes Web Account.

Order history displays information such as: Customer set purchase order number, date order was placed, total cost of the order, order shipping status and the order reference number.

For updates on orders placed over the phone, or in person please contact your account representative or nearest R.S. Hughes location.

What should I do if something is wrong with my order?

If there was an error with your order contact your account representative as soon as possible. If the error occurred prior to shipment we may be able to fix the issue without any delays to your order.

If an error is discovered with your order after shipment or receipt of your items contact your R.S. Hughes Store or reach out to your personal account representative for assistance.

As each order is unique, and some items must be shipped or handled differently the solutions we can provide to fix the issue are varied. It is always our goal to handle our customers' orders with care and urgency. We want your experience to be positive, efficient and professional. For additional assistance please contact our team by clicking here.

Website Features and R.S. Hughes Account Questions

What's a Quick List?

Quick Lists are a helpful feature of R.S. Hughes web accounts. Products can be saved to and organized in Quick Lists, saving products to a Quick List makes it simple to reorder frequently purchased items, organize different products by type, purchase frequency or location.

For more information on Quick Lists and other features of your R.S. Hughes web account visit:

How can I set up purchase approvals for my staff or my R.S. Hughes account representative?

Purchase limits and a built in approvals process are part of Purchasing Management, one of the features of your R.S. Hughes web account.

Purchasing Management can be enabled in your account settings, and your R.S. Hughes Account Representative can help you configure your Purchasing Management Settings.

For detailed information on Purchasing Management and other R.S. Hughes Account features, visit:

Why can't I see my custom pricing for my items?

Some customers will have custom pricing for certain items. We display these custom prices for customers who are signed in to their R.S. Hughes account. If you expect to see a different price for an item make sure that you are signed in to the correct account.

If you are signed in to the correct account and still see an incorrect price displayed for your item, please contact your R.S. Hughes account representative.

What are Item Labels?

Item Labels are an optional R.S. Hughes Account feature that helps users to add a custom name to an item.

Item Labels can be seen on R.S. Hughes product pages. They are private to you, and are only visible when signed into your account. Item Labels make finding a specific item easy, they are searchable in the search bar, and are also displayed on Quick Lists and Product Pages. By default any items with a Label are saved to a Quick List under your account named "Labeled Items".

New Labels can be set by clicking the "Add Item Labels" prompt in the product page buy box or the pencil icon next to any existing labels displayed under the product name.

How can I reorder quickly from R.S. Hughes using QR codes?

R.S. Hughes allows you to create and print custom QR codes and product labels. This is helpful for workshops, long term job sites, and workroom floor storage bins with small parts.

To create and print QR codes for your items, simply add the item to a Quick List. Next, access the Quick List and click the QR code icon next to the product. Then simply follow the steps to print and label the QR code.

For more information about R.S. Hughes Account benefits and features please visit:

How do I enable Express Checkout?

Express checkout is a benefit of using an R.S. Hughes account, it will reduce the number of steps required to make a purchase on It works by using your pre-selected payment, address and shipping method, and sending you straight to the checkout screen to complete your order.

To enable Express Checkout, Access the R.S. Hughes ACCOUNT Menu. Select Profile Update. Under Profile Update, you will find a checkbox used to opt in to using Express Checkout. Express Checkout is optional and can be disabled at any time.

For more information about your R.S. Hughes Account, please visit:

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