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Electrical & Electronic Components

R.S. Hughes's carries a vast selection of Electrical and Electronic Components manufactured from superior materials by the best brands, including 3M, Start International, and Brady. Browse our inventory, including cable and wire supplies, electrical tape, and electronics cleaning supplies. Our Electronic Components include a wide range of tools, equipment, and supplies used in manufacturing, cleaning, shipping, and protective applications.

We have static control devices, conductive adhesive tapes, and various hand tools like electric screwdrivers for every business need. We are a premium supplier for professionals who need cable grounding straps used to redirect dangerous electrical currents and prevent lightning damage to cables and other equipment. Our conductive tapes are also used in grounding, as well as in cable shielding and interconnecting flexible circuits.

Our anti-static supplies prevent dangerous combustion situations while marking tapes indicate hazardous zones and wires. View our inventory to take a closer look at our industrial supplies consisting of potting and encapsulating compounds, soldering, reworking, and desoldering equipment, and electrical insulating blankets and accessories.

For specific questions regarding stock, availability, or shipping, please contact an R.S. Hughes associate at your nearest branch or call 877-774-8443. To find your nearest branch, utilize our Store Locator Tool to view our locations.


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