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Seals, Gaskets & Diaphragms

Seals and gaskets establish a secure connection among various parts within spray gun equipment. Most guns contain seals at the air valve, air cap, and baffle locations. Also known as packings, proper seals ensure the parts of a dispensing system work as designed. Standard spray gun repair kits often feature multiple packings, gaskets, and O-rings. Different types of seals can be replaced to solve a wide range of issues including intermittent or fluttering spray, air leakage, and major fluid leaks.

Diaphragms regulate flow within a pressurized system. A properly functioning regulator diaphragm constantly monitors pressure to provide accurate readings on the connected gauge. Spring adjusters can move the diaphragm to control the build-up or release of pressure. Diaphragms are available in non-relieving and relieving forms to work in a variety of applications.

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