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Spray Gun Bodies & Manifolds

Manifold configurations house multiple spraying units for efficient, high-output dispensing. They also organize tubing and reduce excess connections. Depending on the modular system, each spray gun is mounted to work simultaneously at the designated flow rate. Pressurized fluid and air travel through specially designed tubing to prevent bends and maintain optimal spray performance. With exposed or covered tubes housed in the manifold, spray gun body installation and maintenance is quicker and easier. Manifold ports may be side mounted or bottom mounted for a wide range of connecting options.

Spray gun bodies or nozzles fasten to mounts along the manifold line. Certain modular systems allow custom spacing and multiple zones for additional control. Commonly made of stainless steel or nickel-plated brass, atomizing nozzles spray the pressurized fluid consistently and accurately. Pipe-in-pipe manifolds encase a traditional system to protect nozzles from overspray and environmental conditions. Modular spray gun systems work well in production lines where high volume and productivity are top priorities.

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