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Picture of Metcal Smartheat - STV-CH10AR Soldering Tip (Main product image)

Metcal Smartheat STV-CH10AR Soldering Tip - Chisel - METCAL STV-CH10AR


Picture of Metcal Smartheat - STV-CH10AR Soldering Tip (Main product image)

The Metcal Smartheat soldering tip is another quality product from Metcal. Offers a chisel tip. The important aspects of buying these products, for proper sizing, are the width, length and thickness of the tip. This product comes with a tip width of 0.04 in, length of 0.54 in and thickness of. This soldering tip is designed to work with MFR-1120 - Soldering System, MFR-2220 - Soldering System, MFR-2222 - Soldering System, MFR-CA2 - Coil Assembly, MFR-H2-ST - Handpiece, PS-900 - Soldering System, PS-CA3 - Coil Assembly, PS-HC3 - Soldering Handpiece.

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Product Specifications

  • Brand:
  • Trade Name:
  • Tip Series:
  • Tip Shape:
  • Tip Width:
    0.04 in
  • Tip Length:
    0.54 in
  • For Use With:
    MFR-1120 - Soldering System; MFR-2220 - Soldering System; MFR-2222 - Soldering System; MFR-CA2 - Coil Assembly; MFR-H2-ST - Handpiece; PS-900 - Soldering System; PS-CA3 - Coil Assembly; PS-HC3 - Soldering Handpiece

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