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Light Curing Adhesive Dispensers

Light curing adhesive dispensers apply adhesives in light curing systems. Manual and powered syringes, valves, and spray guns dispense adhesives in a variety of methods. Manual syringe dispensers apply adhesives from disposable syringes. The simple design of manual syringe dispensers allows for consistent application with one hand. Repetitive dispensing pipettes provide repeated dispensing at specified volumes. Powered syringes feature digital timers and pressure gauges for accurate adhesive depositing. Powered syringes are programmed for different routines in a light curing adhesive system.

Handheld and mounted valves distribute light-cured adhesives manually or automatically. In basic handheld dispensing systems, diaphragm valves apply low- to medium-viscosity adhesives. Pneumatically controlled systems may feature diaphragm, pinch, needle, spool, or spray valves designed for various adhesive viscosities. Many adhesive dispensing valves can handle higher viscosities, with certain devices able to apply stringy materials. Mounted valves may be operated manually or programmed to work within a fully automated system.

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