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Picture of 3M Scotchlok - STK-1 Terminal Box (Main product image)

3M Scotchlok STK-1 Terminal Box - 25348


Picture of 3M Scotchlok - STK-1 Terminal Box (Main product image)

The 3M Scotchlok terminal box is sold 1 box per case and is another quality product from 3M. Includes: (100) x 06225 Cable Tie, (100) x 06226 Cable Tie, (25) x BSV10 Butt Connector, (25) x RV10-10 Ring Tongue Terminal, (50) x BFV14-10 Block Fork Terminal, (50) x BFV14-8 Block Fork Terminal, (50) x BFV18-6 Block Fork Terminal, (50) x BFV18-8 Block Fork Terminal, (50) x BSV14 Butt Connector, (50) x BSV18 Butt Connector, (50) x FDV14-250 Female Disconnect, (50) x RV14-10 Ring Tongue Terminal, (50) x RV14-6 Ring Tongue Terminal, (50) x RV14-8 Ring Tongue Terminal, (50) x RV18-6 Ring Tongue Terminal, (50) x RV18-8 Ring Tongue Terminal, STD-0-9 - Tape Dispenser, TH-440 - Crimping Tool.

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Product Specifications

  • Brand:
  • Trade Name:
  • 3M Number:
  • Includes:
    (100) x 06225 Cable Tie (100) x 06226 Cable Tie (25) x BSV10 Butt Connector (25) x RV10-10 Ring Tongue Terminal (50) x BFV14-10 Block Fork Terminal (50) x BFV14-8 Block Fork Terminal (50) x BFV18-6 Block Fork Terminal (50) x BFV18-8 Block Fork Terminal (50) x BSV14 Butt Connector (50) x BSV18 Butt Connector (50) x FDV14-250 Female Disconnect (50) x RV14-10 Ring Tongue Terminal (50) x RV14-6 Ring Tongue Terminal (50) x RV14-8 Ring Tongue Terminal (50) x RV18-6 Ring Tongue Terminal (50) x RV18-8 Ring Tongue Terminal STD-0-9 - Tape Dispenser TH-440 - Crimping Tool
  • Package Quantity:
    1 box per case

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