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Terminals & Connectors

Terminals connect conductors to an external circuit using a wide variety of methods. Alligator clips are a common type of temporary terminal and feature a spring-loaded design for quick attachment and removal without additional tools. Fork and spade terminals provide conductivity using a screw. The metal connector, known as the fork or spade, fastens underneath the screw. Ring terminals work similarly but feature a closed loop instead of a fork or spade. Pin terminals are ideal for temporary connections via setscrews or clamps and are compatible with pin-type terminal blocks. Connectors facilitate conductivity using a wide variety of methods. Barrel connectors do not require crimping and feature two open ends to accommodate a pair of wires. Reducer connectors are compatible with cables of different sizes. Screw connectors use a screw to establish conductivity. Different types of screw connectors act as terminals to provide secure, quick and reversible connections. Depending on the screw connector design, the wire may be wrapped under the screw head or fastened to metal.



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