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Abrasive Brushes

R.S. Hughes is proud to provide a vast array of abrasive brushes that can be used for deburring, polishing, and product finishing and work well for uneven surfaces. Most brushes are wire or nylon and can have the form of bristle discs, cup brushes, radial bristle brushes, and wheel brushes.

Metal wire brushes can be carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, or bronze. Generally, brass and bronze filaments are softer and are used for softer materials (e.g., rubber or aluminum), while carbon and stainless steel are more aggressive. Metal bristles are generally either crimped or knotted. Knotted wire is more aggressive and used for heavy-duty applications such as weld cleaning and rust removal. Additionally, a thicker filament is usually considered to be more aggressive. Wire brushes are commonly in the shape of cup brushes or wheel brushes.

Nylon abrasive brushes are made of heat stabilized nylon filaments impregnated with abrasive grain, usually aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, CBN, or diamond. Fiber diameter (diameter of an individual bristle) and abrasive grit determine the level of abrasion. Grit is the size of the abrading particles embedded in the bristles, and is measured in microns. Brush types can be rolls, bristle discs, cup brushes, radial bristle brushes, and wheel brushes.



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