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Annular Cutters & Drill Bits

Annular cutters make accurate, burr-free, smooth holes through various steel materials, steel plates, aluminum, brass, cast iron, and wood. Annular cutters are made of tough high speed steel with high heat resistance, designed for magnetic drill and stationary machine tools such as CNC machines, mills, and lathes.

R.S. Hughes provides a wide range of annular cutters for easy and efficient holemaking through carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium, and aluminum. The cutter is always used with lubrication to keep the cutting tool cooler, provide better finish, and keep the tool in great working condition. Select the appropriate cutter bits from the following guide:

High Speed Steel (HSS): most popular and used on mild & structural steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

HSS TiN Coated: offers better performance with harder steels such as structural and stainless steel.

Carbide Tip: provides longer tool life in harder or abrasive materials and has higher RPM than HSS tools.

Cobalt steel: offers better heat and abrasion resistance than HSS.

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