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Aprons & Accessories

Protective aprons keep workers safe in potentially hazardous conditions. Chemical-resistant aprons protect against chemicals such as acids, alkalis, chlorines and solvents. Welding and heat-resistant aprons guard against high heat, sparks and molten splash. General purpose and work aprons shield workers from dirt, debris, abrasion and liquid spray. They come in disposable and reusable forms.

Disposable general purpose and work aprons protect workers from abrasion, liquid spray, dirt and debris in light- and medium-duty applications. They are ideal for single use but can be easily cleaned and worn again. Disposable general purpose and work aprons are made of polyethylene, which resists moisture, certain chemicals, oil and moderate abrasion.

Impact-resistant aprons protect the wearer’s chest, stomach and groin from kick-back. Also called kick-back aprons, they are made of heavy wool and Kevlar that are sewn between two leather layers. They resist abrasion, cuts, punctures, slashes and impact.

Apron accessories include a range of replacement parts for protective aprons. Plain and steel-stapled belly patches are available in various sizes. Steel-stapled patch reinforcement is ideal for heavy-duty applications. Replacement strings help to maintain a secure fit at all times. Apron accessories are available in cotton, split leather, nylon and denim.


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