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Cleanroom Apparel

Cleanroom smocks and lab coats protect against contaminants in cleanrooms. They are made of comfortable, breathable materials such as polypropylene, SMS fabric and polyethylene. The coat or smock material resists dry particles. The bound seams prevent particles from penetrating the coat or smock. Cleanroom shoe covers are lightweight, flexible shoe covers manufactured to meet strict cleanroom standards. Disposable cleanroom shoe covers have nonskid, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) tracks on the shoe cover bottoms to increase traction and safety. They are typically made of polyethylene, polypropylene or Tyvek. Polyethylene offers good resistance to liquid, while polypropylene breathes well and resists chemicals. Tyvek provides excellent protection against particulates.

Cleanroom coveralls also prevent the spread of contaminants. They are worn over regular clothing to keep cleanrooms sterile. Cleanroom coveralls are typically made out of flash-spun polyethylene or polypropylene. They resist liquid splash, particulates and microorganisms. Scrubs and cleanroom pants prevent contamination in cleanrooms and medical environments. Cleanroom pants are lightweight, breathable pants that resist the buildup of ESD (electrostatic discharge) and allow workers to handle sensitive electronics. They typically are made of vinyl, Tyvek or polypropylene. Tyvek provides excellent protection against particulates, while vinyl resists oil, water and chemicals. Polypropylene protects against particulates and shedding. Scrubs are used in the medical industry to prevent the spread of contaminants. They are typically made of a cotton/polyester blend that breathes well and launders easily.

Disposable cleanroom gloves are single-use gloves that protect against contaminants and ESD (electrostatic discharge) buildup. When workers are properly grounded, cleanroom gloves allow handling of sensitive electronic equipment. Disposable cleanroom gloves are typically made of latex, nitrile or vinyl. They are breathable gloves with high tactile sensitivity and flexibility. Search R.S. Hughes to learn more about the disposable gloves we offer today!



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