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Cups & Lids

Cups and lids store the liquid supply in a spray gun dispensing system. Gravity-feed, disposable, and pressure-regulated cups are available for a variety of different guns and applications. Gravity-feed cups fasten above a compatible gun via a threaded end to supply paint without additional parts. Made of aluminum, gravity-feed guns are lightweight and durable. A heavy duty lid both protects the current supply and allows new paint to flow into the cup.

Disposable cups provide a time-saving solution to messy applications. Available with a wide range of adapters, disposable paint cups fit with most air spray guns. The heavy-duty plastic is inexpensive, reduces the cleanup process, and works well with many different paints and solvents. Certain disposable cup systems feature a reusable collar and sleeve for extra durability.

Pressure-regulated cups are ideal for larger applications. Available in 2-quart tanks, pressure-regulated cups store material at the ideal psi level. Certain units feature a pneumatic agitator to maintain proper consistency and avoid settling. Rigid liners save time and solvent when refilling pressure tanks.

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