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Cut-Resistant Protective Gear

Cut-resistant aprons are resistant to abrasion, cuts, slashes and punctures from sharp or abrasive objects and cutting tools. Cut-resistant aprons are made of plates and steel rings, metal mesh or SuperFabric. They are lightweight, breathable aprons that are easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

Cut-resistant arm sleeves, arm guards, cape sleeves, and bibs protect workers from sharp or abrasive objects, materials and cutting tools. They resemble a long-sleeved, collared shirt with snap buttons that allow the bib to detach from the cape sleeve. Cut-resistant cape sleeves and bibs are made of Kevlar or Taeki 5, which resists punctures, slashes, cuts and abrasion.

Cut-resistant chaps and gaiters protect workers who handle cutting tools and sharp or abrasive materials and objects. They protect the front and sides of the legs and resist slashes, cuts, punctures and abrasion. Cut-resistant chaps and gaiters are made of Kevlar, Cordura or SuperFabric. They are extremely durable and are ideal for chainsaw work. "


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