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Deburring Wheels

Deburring wheels are used for light to heavy precision deburring, blending, finishing, polishing, and cleaning. Wheel attachment type can be either arbor or quick change. Deburring wheels have either a convolute or unitized construction. A convolute wheel has an abrasive wrapped around a hard core and can only be run in one direction, while a unitized wheel is a solid molded abrasive and is non-directional. Convolute wheels are softer and thus better for fine finishing, while unitized wheels are best for more aggressive work. Both wheel types have a non-woven construction and are designed to be used with lubricants and coolants for automatic or semi-automatic operations. Wheel density can be soft to extra hard, with softer densities providing better conformability and hard densities suited to heavy-duty deburring and polishing. Density rating can also be given as a number from 2 to 11, with a higher number equal to harder density. Common abrasive materials include aluminum oxide, ceramic, garnet, and silicon carbide. Choose from very coarse to ultrafine grade depending on material being worked and level of precision required.

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