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File Tools & Sets

Hand files and file sets include durable tools to smooth curves or flat areas, shape small or large curves and corners, and enlarge round holes in tight areas that are difficult to reach or require high precision. American-pattern and machinists' files are used for fast metal removal, while Swiss-pattern files are used for precise and intricate work on wood, metal, and stone.

Determining file type and size is crucial for the final contour of the workpiece. To smooth intricate edging or enlarge round holes, a round file is a tapered tool for such work. For sculptors and wood-carvers, specialized tools like Riffler files and rasps are absolutely necessary. These tools are designed for detailing and final scraping and finish. For foundries and machinists, a half round file has rounded and flat edges that can fill concave, convex and flat wood or metal surfaces. R.S. Hughes provides file tools for a wide range of work on multiple surfaces, and these tools are manufactured to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy and cutting performance.


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