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General Work Gloves

Driver’s gloves provide an excellent grip and increased control when operating vehicles and machinery. They also reduce hand fatigue. Driver’s gloves are typically made of durable and flexible leather that offers resistance to abrasion and wear. Leather gloves can be oiled to improve resistance to water. Inspection gloves are used in light duty applications where the focus is inspecting, examining and protecting products. They allow for careful inspection and handling without transferring oils or dirt to surfaces. Most often, inspection gloves are made from polyester or cotton and are frequently one size fits all. Inspection gloves may be reused but are considered disposable given the purpose behind them. There are a variety of cuff lengths to provide the appropriate coverage.

Mechanic’s gloves protect hands when working with abrasive parts and equipment. They also insulate hands from cold and heat. Many mechanic’s gloves have reinforced, impact-resistant knuckles and high-grip padding on the palm. They are typically made of durable, cut-resistant leather or a blend of nylon, spandex and polyurethane.

Reusable cleanroom gloves protect against contaminants and ESD (electrostatic discharge) buildup. They allow properly grounded workers to handle sensitive electronic equipment. Reusable cleanroom gloves are made of washable and reusable materials, such as nylon and polyester. They have high tactile sensitivity, good breathability and high resistance to moisture, contaminants and ESD.

Work and general purpose gloves protect a user's hands in a wide range of general and industrial applications. Some work gloves are made of comfortable, breathable materials like cotton, terry and wool. Other general purpose gloves are made of materials that resist cuts and abrasion in heavy-duty applications. These include steel mesh gloves, Spectra gloves and Dyneema gloves.


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