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Hand Pumps

Hand pumps allow for accurate, manual adhesive application without excess waste. Instead of directly squeezing a bottle, users control a hand pump for precise dispensing. Hand pumps have a sealed connection that prevents air and moisture from entering, which avoids unwanted adhesive solidification and extends the working life of the adhesive. A trigger is pulled to dispense instant adhesive quickly and accurately. Volumetric hand pumps, designed for cyanoacrylate adhesives, have different shot size settings to adjust the amount of adhesive dispensed. Volumetric and bottle hand pumps work with a variety of dispensing needles. The needle and tip can be replaced for different applications.

Hand pumps require no battery, electrical power, or pneumatics to operate. The peristaltic system in each bottle hand pump works with any corresponding container. The original adhesive bottle becomes a portable dispenser. Easy to control, the consistency of hand pumps often results in decreased scrap and rework.


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