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Helmets & Hard Hats

Hard hats and helmets protect workers from impact and workplace hazards. They are available in different types and protective classes set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Type I hard hats withstand vertical impact and penetration. Type II hard hats have an EPS inner liner that withstands vertical impact, lateral impact and penetration. Protective classes include Class E (Electrical), Class G (General) and Class C (Conductive). Class E hard hats provide the highest level of dielectric protection while Class G hard hats provide moderate protection. Class C hard hats are conductive and do not protect against electricity.

Bump caps protect workers from minor impacts in environments that do not require hard hats or helmets. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bump caps are lightweight, plastic caps that resist chemicals, moisture, and moderate impact. They typically have perforated vents that keep workers cool and pinlock suspensions that adjust the bump cap's fit. Bump caps can also resemble baseball caps. The plastic protective cap is hidden inside a synthetic fabric outer layer. These bump caps have a low-profile design and are breathable.

Hard hat, helmet and bump cap parts and accessories are available for increased protection and comfort. A wide range of hard hat adapters allow for compatibility between headgear and eyewear or face shields. Different types of visors, covers and mounting strips are also available for optimal protection. Other helmet and bump cap parts include replacement knobs, muffler kits and shells.

Hard hat labels and reflective stripes are used to identify visitors, first aid personnel, safety trained forklift operators and qualified crane operators. They are typically made of durable vinyl backings with strong adhesive materials.


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