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High-Performance Gloves

High-Performance gloves that include protections against extreme temperatures, impacts, cuts, punctures, and sparks. Able to provide quality protection in the toughest of jobs and industries such as manufacturing, maintenance, construction and marine. R.S. Hughes offers a wide selection of gloves that come in many different sizes, materials, thickness, and colors.

Chemical-resistant gloves protect against damage from hazardous and harmful chemicals. Each material serves a unique purpose. Butyl gloves resist oxidizing agents, esters, ketones and highly corrosive acids. Fluoroelastomer gloves resist hydrocarbons, alcohol and chlorine. Nitrile resists oil, grease, xylene and hydrocarbons.

Cold-resistant gloves insulate hands in cold environments. Highly effective when handling frozen materials or liquid nitrogen or in cold weather. Neoprene cold condition gloves can withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees fahrenheit, while dyneema gloves can withstand temperatures down to -450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cut & puncture-resistant gloves protect against slashes, cuts, punctures and abrasions. Steel mesh gloves protect against angled slashes but not stabbing cuts. Dyneema and Kevlar gloves have extremely high resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasion. Welding and heat-resistant gloves protect hands from extreme heat, sparks and molten splash. They can typically withstand temperatures of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit and short-duration temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Welding and heat-resistant gloves have good grip and flexibility.


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