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Hose Clamps & Benders

Hose Clamps are a fastener used with hoses, tubing, and soft pipes. Hose clamps may also be called hose locks or hose clips. They are used to attach a house to another pipe, hose, or fixture. The clamp is placed around the edge of the hose and then tightened. By tightening the hose around the object to which it is fastened this prevents leaks and spillage. There are several types of hose clamps, with the differences being in how the clamp is tightened to the hose it fits around.

Spring Clamps are clamps which have protrusions on both ends. They are fastened by expanding the clamp and then releasing the clamps prongs after it is fitted over the hose.

Wire Clamps have a wire or thin piece of metal bent into the clamp's tight U shape. The ends will overlap each other. On one end there should be a captive nut, and a captive screw on the other. These two end fasteners are then threaded together. The adjustment to clamp tightness can be made by altering the screw tightness.

Worm Gear Clamps are also known as screw & band clamps. These are among the most commonly used and are easily recognizable by the "track" pattern along the metal clamp. They are tightened by twisting a captive screw on one end which is fitted into a captive nut on the other end. The screw acts as a worm drive by moving the clamps track forward with its threads as it is rotated.


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