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Joint Protection

Ankle supports wrap around a worker's ankle to prevent injury during strenuous tasks. They fit tightly but comfortably and provide firm support. Most ankle supports are secured through hook-and-loop straps that act as stabilizers, while others slip on like socks and work through compression. Both types are lightweight and breathable and can be worn inside shoes.

Back support belts provide core body support, encourage proper lifting techniques and reduce injuries. They have elastic shoulder straps that offer additional support and keep the belt positioned correctly. Some back support belts have a removable lumbar pad, while others have a comfortable foam core. Elbow pads, sleeves and supports relieve muscle stress and pressure in the forearm around the elbow. They are ideal for workers who perform repetitive tasks or heavy lifting. Elbow sleeves warm the area to reduce stress, while elbow supports rest muscles and tendons. Elbow pads, sleeves and supports either stretch over the elbow for a snug fit or secure with a hook-and-loop strap.

Knee pads and supports protect a worker's knees, minimize fatigue and support muscles and tissues. Knee pads consist of a molded plastic kneecap and a flexible sleeve lined with foam or gel pads for cushion. The kneecap often has ridges to prevent sliding when working on hard surfaces. Knee supports brace a worker's knees during repetitive tasks, heavy lifting and kneeling. They help knees heal after strains or sprains and relieve symptoms of arthritis. Kneeling mats support a worker's knees during tasks that require kneeling for extended periods of time. They are made of shock-absorbing materials such as foam and nitrile-infused sponge. Kneeling mats often have a cutout handle that makes it portable and allows for hanging. Neck supports restrict neck motion to prevent strain and injuries. They also provide ergonomic support when workers are required to look upward repeatedly or for extended periods of time.

Wrist supports prevent wrist strain and help wrist injuries heal. They warm the wrist area to relieve arthritis and repetitive strain symptoms. They also provide rigid support for workers who perform heavy lifting and repetitive tasks. Wrist supports typically are made out of a nylon or neoprene sleeve that secures with a hook-and-loop strap.

Protective apparel belts, straps and suspenders are worn with protective clothing to ensure a secure fit. Belts are made of durable vinyl or polyester and can be made of high-visibility colors for dimly lit conditions. Suspenders are worn with waders and other protective pants that are oversized. Protective apparel kits include different types of clothing and gear for optimal safety. Arc flash kits often feature an arc shield, hard hat, safety glasses and carrying bag. In addition to a balaclava, common clothing items include jackets, overalls or coveralls. The electrician's backpack kit features an arc shield, safety helmet and specialized toolkit.


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