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Lanyards, Lifelines & Fall Limiters

Lanyards, lifelines and fall limiters prevent work site falls. They use a snap hook or carabiner to secure a worker's belt or harness to a piece of equipment such as a fixed ladder. Shock absorbing lanyards are used at fall clearance heights of 18 feet or more. They prevent injuries and absorb the shock of stopping a fall. Self-retracting lifelines are used at fall clearance heights of under 18 feet. They consist of a swivel snap hook, steel wire rope and housing. The housing contains internal components made out of strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum. The housing retracts the wire rope after a fall.

Looking for repair services for Lanyards, Lifelines & Fall Limiters?

Our team of factory-certified, expert technicians is here to help with your safety equipment repair needs so you can get your equipment back to factory specs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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