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Lifting Slings

Lifting Slings are lifting equipment to be used with a crane, lift or another device when lifting or moving a heavy load. They are made with a variety of materials depending on the weight of the cargo they will be used on: chain, rope, webbing, cable, or wire are all commonly used materials in sling construction. There are many different designs of lifting sling, and each has different applications and uses. R.S. Hughes is pleased to offer web slings, roundslings, wire rope slings, chain slings, and mesh slings. Some types of slings are susceptible to wear, thus weakening the integrity of the device and lowering its weight capacity. To prevent this, many slings are compatible with different forms of sling protection. A sling protector may be a sleeve or wear pad designed to cover the lifting slings surface, they may provide an alternative contact surface so that the sling itself does not rub or wear from contact with the surface of the cargo. Both slings and sling protection devices can be found on this page.

To find the right connectors to use with a lifting sling such as: fixtures, hooks, links and rings please see our Rigging Hardware page. If you are unsure if a lifting device is the right fit for your job or you have specific questions about product availability contact an R.S. Hughes sales associate.


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