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Light Curing Systems & Light Sources

Light curing systems use concentrated light sources to cure adhesives. Depending on the application, an ultraviolet (UV), visible, or LED light source may be ideal. UV and visible light curing systems are available in flood light or spot wand variations. UV flood systems spread different intensities of UV light to cure a larger area than handheld units. Flood light systems effectively bond and seal different types of light curing adhesives. If visible light is desired, certain flood lights are capable of housing an enhanced metal-halide lamp. Handheld UV and visible spot wand systems are ideal for smaller applications.

LED flood array systems provide consistent curing performance and feature greatly extended light life. LED light curing systems emit at various wavelengths for effective curing with corresponding adhesives. In a standard flood array system, a footswitch triggers the controller to operate the light source. LED light curing systems do not require warm-up or cool-down time. Spotlight and wand style LED sources are available for handheld curing applications.


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