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Mitts, Finger Cots & Glove Accessories

Gloves, mitts and finger cots offer critical protection of hands and fingers from contaminants, cuts, abrasion, extreme temperatures and chemicals. Finger cots allow for a secure grip and protect against contaminants and cuts. They also prevent natural oils and skin cells from contaminating objects in medical and electronic applications. Finger cots are typically made of latex or nitrile. Nitrile is the synthetic version of latex and is ideal for those with latex sensitivities. Finger and glove tape is a self-adhering tape that wraps around fingers to protect against abrasion and allow for a secure grip. It is typically made of a comfortable cotton gauze that holds its shape and does not stick to hair or surfaces.

Glove bags come with one or two snap closures to fasten the bag shut and a plastic or metal hook to mount the bag. They are typically made of durable, flexible materials such as nylon or canvas. Glove dispensers are plastic, wall-mounted devices that provide easy access. They also have clear plastic lids that indicate when supplies are low. Glove liners provide additional protection when worn under protective gloves. Heavyweight string knit glove liners provide extra warmth in cold temperatures. Cut-resistant glove liners offer increased protection against slashes and cuts when handling sharp or abrasive cutting tools, equipment and parts. Padded glove liners resist impact and vibration and can come fingerless, with fingers or with three-quarter fingers.

Hand pads and guards protect against cuts, abrasion, burns and injuries in general purpose industrial applications. They can be worn over thin gloves or bare hands. Hand pads and guards are made of lightweight, conformable materials that are extremely durable. Plastic polymer hand pads resist vibration and impact, while leather hand guards resist abrasive and hot items. Kevlar or Zetex can be combined with wool to provide a strong, cut-resistant hand pad worn to handle sharp or abrasive items. Protective mitts and mittens prevent injuries, insulate users from extreme temperatures and resist abrasion and wear. They are typically made of durable, cut-resistant materials like Spectra. Spectra mitts protect against abrasion, fungus, bacteria and scratches. They also resist temperatures from -450 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Other protective mitt materials include neoprene, fire-resistant Zetex and Kevlar/fiberglass blend


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