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Protective Eyewear & Accessories

Safety glasses protect against debris, light exposure, sparks and mild liquid splash. They have scratch- and fog-resistant lenses made of polycarbonate in a sturdy frame. Safety goggles protect against chemical and liquid splash, vapor, debris and particulates. They provide a sealed barrier around the eyes with vent caps that allow indirect ventilation and prevent lenses from fogging. Safety goggles typically have scratch-resistant lenses made of polycarbonate. The lens sits in a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) frame, which resists chemicals, UV light and moisture.

Welding glasses and goggles protect a welder’s eyes from sparks, heat, UV light and infrared light. They have filter shades that provide different amounts of protection for different welding applications. Welding glasses are ideal for gas welding, torch soldering and oxygen cutting. Because they provide less protection than welding helmets, they should not be used for arc welding. Welding goggles have filters that darken the lens and prevent retina burns caused by UV and infrared light. Higher filter numbers mean greater protection. Lenses can also be anti-fog to maintain vision during temperature and humidity changes.

Protective eyewear accessories fit onto existing safety glasses for a wide variety of benefits. Hang cords and retainers encourage safety compliance and help to prevent eyewear damage. Infrared flip-up lenses protect the wearer's eyes from glare and radiation. Slip-on side shields guard against peripheral damage. Other protective eyewear accessories include many different types of lanyards. Breakaway and double breakaway lanyards increase wearer safety in hazardous working environments. Protective eyewear bags and cases are used to store eyewear and goggles to protect against scratches, abrasion and breaking. They come in soft case, hard case and drawstring pouch forms. Protective eyewear bags and cases often include a clip attachment or attached belt loop for portability.

Lens cleaning solutions remove dirt, dust, water, chemicals and other contaminants from protective eyewear lenses. They will not fog lenses or leave streaks or residue behind. Lens cleaning solution is available in silicone and non0silicone formulas. It comes in individual spray bottles, lens cleaning stations and pre-moistened tissues and towelettes. Lens cleaning stations provide workers with tissues and cleaning solution to clean protective eyewear. They are small, portable stations that are easily moved and placed near workers. Lens cleaning tissues and towelettes clean protective eyewear lenses. They come pre-moistened in dispensers or in portable and convenient wrappers.

Protective eyewear dispensers store and distribute safety glasses. They keep protective eyewear free of dirt and dust and prevent damage to frames and lenses. Protective eyewear dispensers come in different types such as tabletop and wall mounted, which have hinged bottom doors. Protective eyewear replacement lenses are made of polycarbonate, which resists scratches and abrasion. They are available in tinted styles for better resistance to UV light.

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