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Spray Guns & Turbine Packages

Turbine units generate high volume low pressure (HVLP) air for compatible spray guns. Turbine spray gun packages are more efficient than conversion guns that run on shop air. Conversion guns require powerful compressors to generate the proper air state and a filter to remove contaminants. Without the need for an external compressor and filter, turbine packages are lightweight and portable. Turbine spray guns are an enclosed system specifically designed for HVLP air. Turbine spray guns provide consistent, clean flow while reducing nearly all overspray.

Two-, three-, and four-stage turbines are available for different applications. Classified by steps in the heating and pressurization process, more stages represent additional power. Basic two-stage turbine systems are generally reserved for residential use including wall, door, and cabinet applications. Three-stage systems provide enough power for many professional applications. The best atomization occurs in four-stage turbines, which allows for ideal performance with higher viscosity coatings.


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