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Storage Bin Racks

Rotary racks are large cabinet units that rotate on a turntable base. They hold plastic drawers, which are used to organize, separate and store different parts and products. The enclosed setup of the cabinets minimizes dust and keeps drawers secure. Fixed racks are immobile shelving units that hold bins on an angle to display and provide easier access to the bins' contents. The angle of the shelves uses gravity to keep parts and products at the front of the bins. Fixed racks are compatible with a wide variety of bins, including system bins, indicator bins and shelf bins. Tub racks support a variety of tubs for optimal mobility and secure storage. A set of four casters provides smooth rolling action across different surfaces. Also known as mobile bin carts, tub racks are available in a broad range of storage configurations. Compact tub racks have a low-profile design for transporting one tub. Other single-column tub racks can support up to six tubs at once. Larger racks feature multiple storage columns for increased load capacities.


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