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Syringe Components & Kits

Basic syringes distribute adhesives through a single pump system. Plungers are pushed to move adhesives through the tube and out of the needle. Syringes feature an air-tight design that ensures air bubbles do not interrupt the flow of adhesive. Requiring no additional power source, simple syringes are operated with one hand.

Syringe kits include a range of components to operate pressure-regulated systems. In addition to plastic syringe barrels, kits may feature air regulators, pressure gauges, and electrical timing circuits. When triggered by an external control, a pulse of air pushes adhesive through the barrel. An airline adapter, cap, and piston replace the plunger of a basic syringe. Cartridge syringe adapters are available to feed adhesive from a cartridge into a syringe barrel. Syringe dispensing systems can also be automated to run on a timed cycle. In an industrial setup, a syringe dispensing system provides increased efficiency over basic syringes.

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