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Taps are tools used to create new threads, which is called threading. Taps are used to cut or form the female portion, where the threads are on the inside of the surface. Taps come in several different varieties, R.S. Hughes is pleased to offer: Taper taps, Pipe taps, Plug Taps, Bottoming Taps, Spiral Flute Taps, Spiral Point Taps, Straight Flute Taps, and Semi-Plug Taps.

Taper taps have a 9 thread chamfer and are the easiest taps to use by hand because the material removed is done with so many partial forms of the taps thread. Taper taps are normally used in through hole applications or as a starter tap for blind holes.

Pipe taps used to create threads or to rethread metal piping and fittings, or other metal fabricated objects. Threads properly shaped will provide a tight seal for piping used in the transfer of liquids and gases. These taps can be used with aluminum, brass, copper or steel.

Plug taps are used after taper taps in blind hole applications. These tools have a 5 thread chamfer, and they are used to slowly remove the material in the thread, starting with the smallest diameter of the threaded portion of the tap. As the rotation of the tap continues, more material is removed from the thread by partial thread forms of the tap until a full thread is created.

Bottoming taps have a 1.5 thread chamfer. These types of taps are normally used to get close to the bottom of a blind hole, but only after taper and plug taps have removed most of the material.

Spiral flute taps have flutes that wrap around the tap helically. The tap is generally used for tapping threads in through holes. The spiral flutes aid in clearing the chips from the cutting process.

Spiral point taps are used for machine thread tapping of through or blind holes where chips need to be cleared. Spiral point taps have a shank that is compatible with a machine-operated cutting tool holder.

Straight flute taps are the standard style of tap, designed for a range of different tapping applications. A straight flute tap can be used in through or blind holes.

Semi-Plug taps are specialty taps that are between 2 and 2.5 threads long. This "in-between" style tap is used to reduce chip load, increase tool life in difficult materials, and allow faster tapping speeds.


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