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Tool Holders are adapters used in machine tooling to fix a cutting tool to the spindle of a rotary device or machine. They are used because they provide additional precision, improve work quality and make changing and swapping cutting tools much easier. Between Tool holder types there are two main distinctions: Steep Taper Tool Holders and Hollow Cup Taper Tool Holders. Steep Taper holders include: BT, CAT and ISO tool holders. Hollow Cup Taper holders are also known as HSK tool holders.

Cat tools are sometimes known as v-flange tools and come in different sizes. CAT Tool Holders are sized to accommodate different cat tools and attach them to the working device. Common cat tool sizes include cat 30, cat 40, and cat 50. We are proud to offer CAT tool holders in cat30, cat40, and cat50. For specifics on safety information, sizing, fitment and compatibility please visit the individual products description page.

BT Tool Holders are most similar to CAT tool holders in that they are also steep taper holders where the flange does not contact the spindle.

HSK Tool Holders boast what is known as a dual contact. This describes the fixture to the machine they are used with. This means that both the flange and taper are connected to the spindle. This creates a fixed, or stiff connection with a broader taper than what you would find in a steep taper tool holder.

Shrink Fit Tool Holders are adapters used to hold cutting tools like end mills in place while in use by high rpm milling machines. Shrink fit tool holders are unique in that they use the natural properties of the metal cutting tool to hold them in place during use. As they shrink and contract during rotation they are fixed into place inside the holder. A shrink fit tool holder is often selected because they offer the advantage of allowing for a smaller nose diameter than other holder types, which means they can be used in tighter spaces. They do not require the use of collets and wrenches, making swapping out parts more straightforward.

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